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In person classes are a fun way to meet new parents in a relaxed and non-pressurised environment. Get out of the house and away from the chores, as you spend some quality time with your little one. Learn the skill of baby massage and all its benefits, while having some well earned down time and a full cup of tea!

This In-Person Baby Massage Course runs for 5 weeks, with each class lasting 60-90 minutes.

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8th Nov 2022 @ 11.00

5 reviews for Baby Massage In-person course

  1. Rebecca Geoghegan (verified owner)

    Done the 5 week baby massage class with Sharon In February which was absolutely amazing! Daisy really enjoyed it and found it very relaxing. It was all baby led which is excellent. Sharon is patient and amazing with the babies. I found it very useful and handy to know some new techniques to help my little ones colic and reflux. I would highly recommend this class to anyone with a new baby.
    It was also great to get to chat to other mammies and their experiences as a mother. Thank you so much Sharon! x

  2. Pamela & Billy (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend Sharon and her baby massage class enough. Sharon’s baby led approach provided a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Having a baby who suffers from CMPA and reflux baby massage has definitely helped us and is now part of our daily routine. Getting to meet and chat with other parents was an added bonus.

  3. Amy (verified owner)

    The baby massage class is brilliant! Sharon creates a safe and relaxing space where I really bonded with my baby and learned so much. Sharon’s midwifery experience is of a real benefit also as the knowledge she shared was a great support in the early weeks of being a new mammy! It was lovely to be able to share a cup of tea and a chat with other parents on the class. Julia is now six months old and really enjoys winding down with massage every night.

  4. Elisha (verified owner)

    This class is a must for any parent and their baby. I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough. It was a joy to attend and a class I’m sad that is over as we completed it. Even when my baby was being fussy, as babies do, I felt comfortable and didn’t want to run out of the room with my baby like in other classes I’ve attended. Sharon has a great way to make everyone feel at ease and such a fun experience. Having tea and chats at the end was so lovely too- something I looked forward to every week. I can see the benefits of baby massage too. I will definately be telling all my friends to attend Sharon’s class.

  5. Sophie Plume (verified owner)

    The Baby Massage course that Sharon runs is absolutely lovely. My son was only a few weeks old when we went to massage and it’s a lovely way of bonding with your baby. At the time my little lad was suffering with reflux and the techniques we learned in class really eased the symptoms and made him so much more comfortable. He even slept better after each massage. It’s also a lovely way of getting out and meeting other mammies. My son is almost 1 now and still loves a massage and instantly knows the little songs associated with the massage. I loved it and would highly recommend to any new mammies. Sharon makes you feel so at ease and always has a hot cuppa and a bun for you! 10/10

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