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Here at Aurora Health Bump & Baby, we are here to support you and your baby through pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy Yoga

This class combines some gentle yoga poses and flexibility exercises with relaxation, mindfulness and breathing, to offer you many physical and emotional benefits.

Baby Massage

This baby led class is a wonderful experience that you can share with your baby. The class offers you the time and space to be with your baby, and can help you both adjust to your new life together.

Mum & Baby Yoga

This class is a fun way to spend time with your baby, while getting some safe exercise to help strengthen both your body and mind.



The tutor Sharon immediately made me fee at ease and empowered to do the massage as I feared I wouldn’t be able to learn over Zoom. I loved learning the techniques, the rhymes and the easy going nature of the classes. It left me feeling relaxed and feeling closer to my baby after each class’

Claire & baby Emma

Aside from the obvious physical benefits my baby loved the bonding time and having me so close. I also think that since I incorporated it into her bedtime routine, it has made the whole experience more pleasant.

Claire & baby Emma

Sharon’s easy going nature made me feel so comfortable. I really liked how she explained every massage stroke. It was a lovely bonding time to spend with my baby and chat to other new Mums!

Laura & baby James

‘I really enjoyed that it was an online class and that we got to interact with other parents during this difficult covid time. A major bonus was that we didn’t have to go through the packing of a changing bag and getting my little one ready for out.

Barbara & baby Isabelle

The gentle and extremely supportive classes showed me how to massage and soothe my baby using the different techniques. It definitely helped to relieve wind and colic and also helped to improve sleep patterns. I loved how it gave me the opportunity to meet other parents in a relaxed and intimate environment. Baby massage is part of our daily routine now.

Barbara & baby Isabelle

I highly recommend the baby massage class at Aurora Health Bump & Baby. Sharon is so lovely and we’ve learned great skills to add to the routine. A great class for any new parent!

Deborah & baby Reyna

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